Coventry Pride, at the heart of our LGBT+ community

LGBT History Month


Back for its second year, Coventry Pride is proud to be a Hub location for LGBT History Month 2017.

Last year we had several events over the month, this year, we’re topping that.

We’re bringing you over 15 events across the course of February and early March this year.

Our events at the time of writing include:

  • Weekly LGBT Film Nights
  • Weekly Coffee and Campaigning groups
  • Outing the Past – LGBT History Festival – 4th February
  • How did we come to Criminalise Homosexuality – 8th February
  • Not Valentine’s Shindig – 10th February
  • The Legacy of Criminalisation – 15 February

We’re hoping to bring you many more events during the course of February 2017.
Keep an eye on our Facebook page and website to stay up to date and find out about all the events we’re running.

As well as Coventry Pride’s events, as part of an initiative we’re calling CovUnity – Coventry Pride is also supporting a number of events organised by Coventry University, its students and staff.

Our top pick from those events include:

  • Rainbow Road and History Stall @ The Hub – 6th February
  • Open Mic Night at CUSU Faith and Spirituality Centre – 22nd February
  • Pride in Employment, careers fair – 17th February.


Coventry Pride is excited to be bringing you a more packed LGBT History Month than last year, but we still need your help!
Find out how to support us at

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Posters of each weeks events:

History_month_posters_week1 History_month_posters_week2 History_month_posters_week3 History_month_posters_week4