Coventry Pride, at the heart of our LGBT+ community

Coventry Pride Call for LGBT+ Artists in its first LGBT+ Art Exhibit.

Coventry Pride is pleased to announce that in line with our long term goal to have a city wide celebratory, commemorative, cultural and educational LGBT+ Pride in Coventry we will in partnership with Fargo Village will be holding the First Coventry Pride Fringe at Fargo village as well as the Main Festival in The Coventry University Square Opposite the historic Coventry Cathedral.

The Fringe will have local music acts, and an LGBT+ Art Exhibition in the box which will feature both art, music and spoken word to give a cultural feast not just for the eyes.

At the Coventry Pride LGBT+ Art Exhibition we want to showcase the full depth and breadth  of art that LGBT+ artists create, whether that is painting, photography or sculpture, you do not have to be a professional we welcome submissions from all over our community.

We’re looking for submissions in the following categories:

  • “On Our Journey” – pieces which reflect either your journey to equality or the journey of people within the LGBT+ community towards Equality.
  • “Our History” – pieces which were created by LGBT+ historical figures or have been created with LGBT+ history as reference or subject.
  • “Our Life” – Pieces which reflect our everyday lives as LGBT+ people this can be celebratory of our newly acquired rights or can draw attention to the continued inequalities that we face.
  • “Our Culture” – Pieces which celebrate our beautifully diverse LGBT+ culture.

Note when we say LGBT+ it doesn’t have to include everyone it can just centre on one of the richly diverse communities within our LGBT+ family, but please be respectful the art that is submitted must not perpetuate the hate that we all encounter far too often.

We welcome artists selling their work. This process will be handled through the Coventry Pride organisation. Let us know if you’d like to make your work available for sale!

The two day showcase will be an important part of Coventry Pride’s cultural impact to the city and will take place during the entirety of the main Pride event.
Please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us.

In order to make a submission please take a picture of the piece (if already created) and send it with a description and what it represents to