Coventry Pride, at the heart of our LGBT+ community

Coventry Pride 2018 promoting safer sex thanks to donation

Coventry Pride has received a donation from The Paul Cottingham Trust to provide safer sex packs to anyone who would like one during our pride festival weekend. The Trusts objectives is to support charities such as Coventry Pride with financial backing to deliver projects in the local LGBT+ community. 

Coventry has one of the highest rates of sexually transmitted infection (STIs) in England according to a Public Health England research in 2015 so additional support and education is critical: this donation will go towards further reducing that rate.

Lord Michael Cashman CBE one of the founding Trustees of The Paul Cottingham Trust added, “We’re keen to support charities like Coventry Pride to continue the important work they do in the communities they serve increasing awareness of any challenges that face the local LGBT+ community.”

David Wilson, Trustee of Coventry Pride commented – ‘the saver sex message is an important one to get across to everyone, some people in our community may not feel able to ask for resources from the NHS to support them to have a healthy sex life. Anything we can do to promote safer sex for everyone in our community is a great thing. Offering people options for accessing information and support in a way that works for them has to be a good thing.’

You can learn more about The Paul Cottingham Trust at