Coventry Pride, at the heart of our LGBT+ community

Sassi Afrika

Afrika is a singer, dancer, actress, model and presenter. She landed on Earth in 2013 and since then has been working it to much acclaim. Sassi has released two albums of original songs over her career to date, and is known for her fierce & energetic shows in which she combines singing, dance routines, and a lot of SASS. In 2015, Sassi was named as one of the top ten drag queens in the UK by The Gay UK magazine, ementing her place as a unique talent. As well as being an artist, Sassi is also an activist. She is particularly interested in campaigning for the rights of LGBT+ people and the visibility of people with disabilities. This is important to Sassi as she has disabilities herself, although she’s never let that hold her back from working it! Sassi’s main goals in life are to marry Prince Harry and become the new Oprah Winfrey. Until then she’s happy being a QUEEN.