Coventry Pride, at the heart of our LGBT+ community

Dorian Wilde

Dorian’s mother said that at the moment he was born the storm clouds parted and sunshine flooded the room with the warm glow of a beautiful new life. Dorian says new mothers on Merseyside in the early 90’s were all given morphine while giving birth.

Waltzing onto the scene in 2011 Dorian has performed in London, Manchester and all over the West Midlands. He’s become a regular face at several prides, punk nights and particularly Love Music Hate Racism/Homophobia events. Made in Birkenhead, developed in Coventry and flourishing in Manchester, Dorian’s the epitome of a gutter drag king.  If your typical glamorous drag act could be compared to a Mona Lisa or Starry Night, Dorian Wilde is closer to what most recently won the Turnip Prize. But for all he’s rough around the edges, Dorian was created from two decades of theatrical training, giving him a professional flare beyond simply being gorgeous.

All singing, all dancing and all covered in glitter, Dorian Wilde harks back to the days of a music hall knees up. From 80’s rock star to Victorian dandy his limits start and end at his chest binder yet is an entertainer for any crowd of any age.