Coventry Pride, at the heart of our LGBT+ community


Following a moving recognition of Trans day of Remembrance starting in 2015, Coventry Pride are proud to continue commemorating this important date in the LGBT+ calendar by organising this year’s event.

The TDoR vigil is a safe space for the trans community and their allies to come together to remember their dead and to highlight the continuing daily injustices and inequality they face.

We will be holding an event at the Priory Visitors Centre in Coventry on Tuesday 20th of Nov, details below:

The priory visitors centre will be open from 7PM, with the Vigil starting at 7.30, Tea and coffee will be available through the vigil should you need them.

The vigil is kept fairly informal there will be a couple of short talks from members of the Trans community and their allies in Coventry, we also provide space for anyone to speak should they wish to.

if you have any queries or would like to speak please contact

Useful links:

Our Facebook event page

Information about TDoR

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